about the author

Nancy P. Jenster -Book, Music and Lyrics.  Nancy is an American who has lived most of her life outside the US, as the child of US expats, she has lived in UK, Japan, Denmark, China, Switzerland. and currently resides in Penang, Malaysia. She is semi-retired from a career in management and leadership development since moving to Malaysia in 2013.  Although music has always been her passion, as a songwriter, performer, choir leader, lyricist and arranger, it is only in retirement that she has found time to follow her 'third chapter' passion: musical playwriting. She started writing musicals in 2001, with her first work, "Adam and the A-Team" (currently in pre-production) and began the "Forkbeard" project  in 2013, developing and revising the songs and story over 3 years. Forkbeard & Olav had its public reading in Penang Malaysia in March of 2016 and is the first of her plays to be produced in workshop (August 2016 in Dublin).  She spends summers on Sejeroe Island, the (presumed) site of the Battle of Svold, the  focal point of the show, with her Danish husband Per, a descendant of King Forkbeard (Svend Tveskæg).  As an avid theatre goer and member of Dramatists Guild, she follows closely the ongoing developments in musical theatre both in the UK, USA, Australia and Malaysia.