I want to say THANK YOU ...
The first production of this musical was a huge success thanks to the talents and contributions of many! Firstly, a huge thank you to premiere Directors, Carol and Jimmy O'Byrne for believing in the project from the start and taking a chance on the project, as well as patient,  pain-staking editing of the script..and providing ongoing inspiration to my creativity;  Thanks to Lars Jenster, for constant enthusiasm and historical research that laid the groundwork of the story; Thanks to Liam Murray for excellent suggestions to improve the script...To Christopher Preslar for meticulous editing of the first version of script and directing the first public reading in Penang....To Stephen Valentine for story-line improvements and sparring partner help, as well as for playing "Snorri"; To Tomas Fitzgerald and Jody Trehy for excellence in Lighting and Sound; to Thomas Doyle for being such a brilliant Musical Director; to Richard Rudkins for hauntingly beautiful piano arrangements; to Vince de Leon for great rock orchestrations; Thanks to Noel Murray for building excellent sets and beautiful Viking ships for our stage; to daughter Alison and George de Freitas for film and photography; to the entire Cast of the first workshop for giving it your all and bringing this story to life; to my husband Per for believing in my "crazy dream" and supporting me through long days and nights of revision and endless recordings. Finally, huge thanks to all my friends in Penang, Denmark, EU and the USA who have attended readings, performances and given constructive help so generously since the project began. I can never repay you for your generosity and love.  
With much gratitude,