"Snorri" the Skald
Stephen Valentine plays the travelling storyteller, Snorri.
"The Wrath of the Gods"
Meet our Vikings "in our mighty ships of battle".
"My Precious Things"
Susan Haddon as Thyra, Billy Larkin as King Olav
"And Yet, Who Knows?"
Billy Larkin as King Olav
"Sigrid's Revenge"
Georgia Snow as Queen Sigrid and Jimmy O'Byrne as King Forkbeard
"He's a Mad Man"
Kieran "Kiruu" Allen as Folke, warns his friends of King Olav's excesses
"A Good Knife"
Burislav, played by Eamonn Crowe negotiates with Olav
Played by Emma Ormonde
"Doom and Danger"
Forkbeard meets the Ghost of Seija, the Seer, played by Ainhoa Garailoetxea de Andres
We Shall Prevail
Roy Grimson (Holger) and Orla Burke (Wolf)
"The coffers are empty!"
Ciaran Callan (Thorkild) and Billy Larkin (Olav)
"Ode to Einar"
Maura, played by Ciara Ryan teases Einar, played by Eamonn Crowe.
"Victory Song"
Jimmy O'Byrne as Forkbeard drinks a toast with his men
"Follow Your Heart"
Vetra Trinkunaite (Solveig)
The ambush
Emilie Hetland (Brenna) takes her best shot
"To Valhalla!"
Emilie Hetland as Brenna, fires the fatal shot
"Sire, my bow is broken"!
Eamonn Crowe (Einar) laments his failed attempt to protect the King.
Sweet Revenge
Georgia Snow (Queen Sigrid) celebrates victory
"Nothing for Me"
Susan Haddon (Thyra) refuses to eat, taking blame for Olav's death
"Nothing for Me"
Sarah Snee (Alva) begs her mistress to eat something!
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