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A Selection of musiCal highlights 

Sigrid's Lament feat. Alice Mathias 2020 -
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What we are living for - 2018 Workshop London
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Out of Your Shadow feat. Penang Cast 2020 -
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Farewell Song - Susan Haddon & Company
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Billy Larkin (Olav) and Susan Haddon (Thyra)

Combat, adam jumps.jpg

Georgia Snow (Sigrid) and Jimmy O'Byrne (Forkbeard)

Original score capturing the Viking dreams and mythology brilliantly orchestrated with operatic and rock influences. 
Experience a moving philharmonic orchestra, and 30 Broadway style choral singers
from across Malaysia, handpicked for this epic performance.  Discover 24 original compositions performed on stage, that are sure to transport you to the mystical world of Nordic Mythology and History. 
The original orchestrations are by Richard Rudkins, Vincenzo De Leon, composed by Nancy Jenster. 
The above Cast Recordings were recorded on August 6, 2016 at The Song and Dance Studios, Baldoyle, Dublin, the London Umbrella Rooms Workshop Jan. 12, 2018 and Jackson Studio in Dublin. 

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