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The Quest for Power, The Death of Love


OUR STORY begins in 1000 AD...

The Vikings’ old traditions are threatened by winds of change sweeping in from powerful forces to the South, as Forkbeard of Denmark plots to destroy Olav of Norway, once his most trusted brother in arms.


The looming “clash of giants” pulls all into its vortex— a beloved son who is caught in the middle of their feud and an estranged sister who loves her brother’s enemy. All are driven by a Queen’s conversation with the mysterious Norn sisters, as the wrath of Odin hastens the players in their race to recover a ring of blood-red amber stolen from a King’s hand.  

Dramatic choreography and original score performed by our talented KL cast creates a unique and entertaining Viking experience. 

The Vikings are coming to KL PAC in October 2023. Expect sword-combat, betrayal, prestige, greed, and spies in this thrilling production that combines the drama of "Game of Thrones" with the intensity of "God of War." The talented cast of 18 young actors brings the story to life through musical means, making for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to see an original musical with international potential. Get your tickets soon for "Forkbeard: A Viking Musical Odyssey," coming to KL October 27-29th,  2023. Stay updated on our Social Media pages for news.

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