Forkbeard and Olav, once as close as brothers, now seek to destroy the other -over a betrayal of trust. The story spans 6 months in 1000 AD at a turning point when the Pagan Gods of the Norse world are facing destruction by the onslaught of the Saxon's Christian faith. The two men are pushed further towards a showdown by their respective Queens, Sigrid and Thyra. Helplessly caught in the cross-fire is a young archer, Einar, who loves both as a father.  No matter who wins the final confrontation, the quest for complete power will destroy more than flesh and bone; it will bring the death of love for all involved in this classical story of human lust, hatred, hope and ambition. Dramatic choreography and original score performed by talented youth of Penang creates a unique and entertaining Viking experience. 

"Louder the war-horns growl and snarl,

Sharper the dragons bite and sting!

Eric the son of Hakon Jarl

A death-drink salt as the sea

Pledges to thee,

Olaf the King!"

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

(The Saga of King Olaf, 1863)